Monday, April 17, 2017

2017 Summer Workshops

Art Outreach Gallery is pleased to offer 64 new workshop classes for Sumer 2017!

The free arts-based workshops start Monday June 12 and conclude Friday June 30. All workshops take place at our Eastwood Mall space between JC Penney and Smile Cove.

Click HERE to view, download, share and/or print a workshop program (including workshop lists, descriptions, times, instructor information, sign-up information and more).

Click HERE to view, download, share and print registration forms. PLEASE NOTE: All students must be registered by parent or guardian to attend Art Outeach Gallery Summer Workshops. (Use a separate registration form for each child you enroll.)

Hard-copy programs & registration forms may also be picked up at the art Outreach Gallery (limited hours) or the Eastwood Mall customer service center (in mall center court).

See ya this summer!



Below is a list of workshops. As of Thursday June 8 the workshops listed in RED are filled. (No new applications are being taken for "red-listed' workshops.)

01 McKinley Art Contest
02 McKinley Art Contest

03 Sensory Free Play I
04 Sensory Free Play I
05 Sensory Free Play II
06 Sensory Free Play II
07 Hand Parrot
08 Fireworks Painting
09 3D Ladybug
10 Shark Bite
11 Silly Brushes
12 Silly Brushes
13 Silly Brushes
14 Swipe Painting
15 Swipe Painting
16 Swipe Painting
17 Van Gogh Painting
18 Van Gogh Painting
19 Van Gogh Painting
20 Ostrich
21 Acting for Kids
22 Acting for Kids
23 Acting for Kids
24 Acting for Kids
25 Acting for Kids
26 Yoga for Kids
27 Yoga for Kids
28 Yoga for Kids
29 Yoga for Kids
30 Yoga for Kids
31 Yoga for Kids
32 Crazy Stick Paintings
33 Masquarade Mask & Crown
34 The Selfie
35 Super Picasso Cubism
36 Funny Face Flip Book
37 Chuck Close Painting
38 Chuck Close Painting
39 DIY Playdough
40 DIY Playdough
41 DIY Playdough
42 DIY Painting
43 DIY Painting
44 DIY Painting
45 DIY Slime
46 DIY Slime
47 DIY Slime 
48 Friendship Bracelets
49 Friendship Bracelets
50 Friendship Bracelets
51 Fingertip Painting
52 Fingertip Painting
53 Pendulum Painting
54 Expressionists Portraits
55 Expressionists Portraits
56 Artsy Paper Bag Stars
57 Popsicle Stick Notebook
58 Notan Painting
59 Scratch Art Painting
60 Watercolor Salt painting