Sunday, November 13, 2011

STIC VI: featuring ALISON GOPNIK and CLIFFORD STOLL video talks

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17 - program starts at 7:00pm - doors open 6:00 
Always Free - Open to the Public 

The sixth and final Fall 2011 STIC event returns to where it started--with a reprise screening of Clifford Stoll's remarkable 2006 TED Talk entitled "18 minutes with an agile mind." The renowned astrophysicist, Klein bottle-maker and education reform contrarian talks about, well, lots of things. An engaging video worth watching again. (And again!)

Alison Gopnik offers fascinating insights from the latest in the science of early childhood learning in her 2011 TED Global 2011 talk "What do babies think?" Aided by cutting edge brain imaging technology and ingenious experiments, Doctor Gopnik reveals some amazing findings. (If the child is father to the man, then it might also be said, the baby is mother to the child--and an astonishingly aware, hyper-curious, working mother at that!) 

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

STIC V: featuring PAMELA MEYER and CLAY SHIRKY video talks

Thursday, November 3 - program starts at 7:00pm  - doors open 6:00
Pamela Meyer says you're a liar. Is she telling the truth? Join us for this fascinating presentation from the remarkable TED Talks video archives!

And back by popular demand to the STIC screen is social media commentator/theorist, Clay Shirky.  In this prescient TED2005 talk, Shirky looks at how new social communications systems enable new--and better--ways teams and organizations can get things done.

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