Thursday, November 3, 2011

STIC V: featuring PAMELA MEYER and CLAY SHIRKY video talks

Thursday, November 3 - program starts at 7:00pm  - doors open 6:00
Pamela Meyer says you're a liar. Is she telling the truth? Join us for this fascinating presentation from the remarkable TED Talks video archives!

And back by popular demand to the STIC screen is social media commentator/theorist, Clay Shirky.  In this prescient TED2005 talk, Shirky looks at how new social communications systems enable new--and better--ways teams and organizations can get things done.

STIC Fall 2011, event 5 background info & links.
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Liespotting (book by Pamela Meyer)
Here Comes Everybody (book by Clay Shirky)

How to spot a liar (Meyer TEDTalk video)
Institutions vs. Collaboration (Shirky TEDTalk video)