Monday, September 1, 2014

STIC Twenty Fourteen, Event One

The first of six STIC 2014 events will be held Thursday, September 4.

Each event features two screenings the TED Talks video library. The 2014 STIC (for "Space Time Ideas Community") season kicks off with Ken Robinson's 2006 talk about how students "grow out of creativity." (Short explanation: schools stigmatise being wrong. Sir Ken contends that when we lose the capacity to risk making mistakes, we lose the capacity for originality.) Join us and see why this engaging talk is's all-time most popular!

In the second video talk, game designer and Institute For The Future researcher, Jane McGonigal, maintains that the skill sets hardcore gamers acquire are exactly the skill sets necessary to ... SAVE THE WORLD! (Seriously!--and if skeptical, please hold judgment until you watch this fascinating talk!)

And remember, you can preview, review and re-review these two videos at (As well as watch 24/7 on demand over 1700 other TED Talks.)

STIC Event One is sponsored by Macali's Giant Eagle

The STIC 2014 Season Sponsor is Jensen Lock & Alarm. 

For more information on the STIC Event 1 "talkers" or to watch, download, share or synch their videos, please go to: